Cape Sable Historical Society
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Whether you are just starting your research, have been researching for awhile and trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together or there are just missing pieces that you are trying to find - we would be happy to help you put it together.

In our research library, we have lots of resources to help you with your research including:

Birth Records
Cemetery Records
Census Records
Church Records
Church Registries
Death Records
Family/Local Genealogies
Funeral Home Records
Land Grant Records
Marriage Records
Newspapers - births, deaths, marriages,memorials by year & alphabetized 1888 - 1970's
Photography Collection
School Records
Scrapbooks of Local Interest Stories
Vital Statistics

Research Fees

If you would like to come in and research your family in our research library, the fee is $10 per day.

Certified copies of births, deaths, and marriages are $20.

Photocopies are 35 cents.

If you would like to contact us by mail or email and have us do the research for you, the fee is $10 per hour.
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